Master thesis, Internships

The LPHYS team has currently to offer various topics and projects all on the developments and validation of new wearable cardiac monitoring techniques that are used on the ground in the clinic or in space on Astronauts during their stay in the international space station. For further details see the related projects : the ESA sponsored project Three-dimensional ballistocardiography (B3D)  in microgravity and the Heart Kinetics SPIN-OFF project which aims at transferring our technology in a marketable application.

All master thesis and internships projects are related to one or more of the following topics:

  • Hardware, micro-controller programmation and process optimisation (c++, c). This would imply real-time signal processing development.
  • Mobile application development (Swift, Android, Javascript, Typescript…). The mobile application receives data on Bluetooth Low energy and transfers it to our web-server for database build-up.
  • Web application and database data-mining tools development (Java, Javascript,  MySQL, ElasticSearch): Development of Artificial intelligence for pathology classification.
  • Signal processing (Matlab, Python, …): To provide aggregated results from microgravity based experiments and model building (aortic blood flow computational fluid dynamics and finite elements).
  • Physiological interpretation and analysis: effects of space flight and microgravity analogue environments (parabolic-flights, Bedrest, artificial gravity) on the human cardiovascular system

Depending on your main orientation (Biomedical Engineering, Medical Student, Physicist, … ) we can propose a tailored project.

If you have an interest and wish to discuss in more details,

please contact us here pierre-francois.migeotte@ulb.ac.be


Our team is always interested in talented Engineers or Scientists (Master) willing to perform a Ph.D. thesis for the European Space Agency funded project on Ballistocardiography.

Please contact us: pierre-francois.migeotte@ulb.ac.be