StarCity_smallValidation of centrifugation as a countermeasure for otolith deconditioning during spaceflight (SPIN) and validation of a specific drug against g-level transition induced spatial disorientation and orthostatic intolerance (D)

This project consists of 2 major parts. Part one (SPIN) serves as the control experiment for the 1998 Neurolab mission where astronauts were centrifuged in-flight and did not show signs of orthostatic intolerance nor impaired otolith-ocular function upon return to earth. DCIM100GOPRO In the current experiment astronauts will be evaluated pre and post space flight for their vestibular and cardiovascular deconditioning. This experiments will mainly be performed in Star City with the flight model of the VVIS (rotation chair). Otolith function and cardiovascular parameters will be monitored pre and post long duration flight. Part two of the proposal (D) is a clinical study where the effect of drugs is investigated on the vestibular and cardiovascular system in order to determine an appropriate countermeasure against spatial disorientation as well as orthostatic intolerance upon return into a gravitational environment. STS90_324006
This study will take place mainly in the University of Antwerp. The final drug that shows the best characteristics will be administered to 3 astronauts prior to reentry from long duration spaceflight. These astronauts will be tested with the same protocol as those in part one (SPIN), i.e. prior and after spaceflight. Additionally, the 6 astronauts from SPIN will serve as controls for part two (D).